Magical surroundings:
the Quiberon Peninsula

At the ESB of Plouharnel, we teach surfing at La Guérite beach. With a flat sand bottom, free of rocks and low gradient, the waves are very accessible making it the perfect spot to learn surfing but also ideal for more advanced surfers. The beach can be surfed at all tides.

The beach catches all North West to South swells, and his offshore when the wind blows from the North to the South East. The ideal spot to surf with your family, friends or by yourself!

Perfect for learning

Our waves are ideal to learn surfing in a safe and secure way and in a local atmosphere. This surf spot is very appreciated by all surfers, offering a wide range of options depending on the tides and weather conditions.

The Quiberon Peninsula hides mesmerizing sceneries all along its coast. With a diverse relief, the peninsula offers many surf spots for all – beginners to advanced surfers!

Access to beach

Easy access with carpark:
• In Plouharnel, take the direction of Quiberon and follow the road for 3 kms. After the train crossing, take the first road on the right. Follow the sign « Ecole de Surf ».
• Follow the road for 500 meters, when the road splits, take the left and follow the sign « La Guérite ».
• You will find a carpark and the surf school.