With our CLUB package, you will learn and surf all year long. This package is divided in 2 seasons : from March to June and from September to December (to avoid the coldest months of the year). This package focuses on providing lessons to students wanting to gain more independence in their surfing and improve their technical skills, while maintaining a fun approach to the activity. This package has also been developed for young surfers wanting to go towards a more competitive aspect of surfing.

We use different resources (advanced surfboards, video analysis, physical training…) in order to achieve our students’ progress objectives.

Groups are harmonized by age and level of surfing:
• Assessment at the beginning and end of each season
• Each student has a personal project
• Personalized follow-up by our certified instructors

Participation to events organized by the ESB:

Bic Kids One Design: Audierne, Penhors, La Torche & Quiberon
Le King Of The Groms: Competition gathering the best of the young generation of French surfers


If you live in the area of the Quiberon Peninsula (Morbihan) and want to learn more about this package,
please call us on 02 97 52 41 18, or visit one of our surf shops (Plouharnel or Carnac).

If you want to enroll in competitive surfing in France, you need to hold a French passport. See with the
Green Pig Surf Club of Plouharnel for the insurance (50 euros).